Hello there!

I’m Emily. A twenty-seven year old educator/writer/explorer born & raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. I was a high school English teacher for a few years before moving on to work at a local university as an advisor. I’m going back to school in the fall to get my MA in English. I have an undying love for the written word. I spend a good deal of my spare time reading (mostly fiction) & writing (mostly poetry & flash-fiction). I’ve never had anything published, but I aspire to do that some day! I am on a mission to live as passionately as possible. I am a work in progress & I’m learning more with every passing day that this is entirely acceptable.

An (incomplete) list of other things that I love:

Typography, photography (I fully intend to dust off my camera & get back at it), design (graphic & interior), coffee (iced is my favorite), ampersands (I have a tattoo of one on my left wrist *&* I use them apologetically in my writing), antiquing, exploring (my own hometown as well as other places of interest), gardening (although I admittedly have a lack of knowledge in this area), watching “my shows” (including/not limited to: Louie, Parks & Rec, & Bob’s Burgers), storytelling podcasts (This American Life, The Moth, & RISK! are my favorites right now), spending quality time laughing/talking/engaging with my friends & family, etc.!

(I also have a thing for parentheses. You’ll get used to it. Or not & probably stop reading. Same difference.)

Some of my favorite & most popular posts:

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