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Austin, TX: Uncommon Objects & South Congress Ave.

Uncommon Object: Austin, TX

Uncommon Object: Austin, TX

My stay here in Austin, TX has been lovely thus far. Today, we battled the heat and went down to Austin’s infamous South Congress Avenue. It’s full of lovely little specialty & vintage shops. Amongst them was one of my favorites, Uncommon Objects. I am sure if you have ever been to Austin, you know what I am taking about! I was completely blown away! They had all sorts of, well, uncommon objects for sale– from vintage scarves, to old telephones, clothing, & so on. You name it, they probably had at least one! I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to take pictures, but I snuck a few anyways. But, you should check out this little slide show tour they have on their website for a better idea of how amazing it is. All of the gorgeous vignettes had my mouth practically watering. I think that my boyfriend’s sister, Amber, may have gotten some better pictures than I did! So, I might have a few more to share later. These are rather poor, to be honest.

Uncommon Object: Austin, TX

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  1. Cincinnati in Austin, eh? Cool! I myself am a Cincinnati native – moved to Austin almost 5 years ago. I discovered the same thing you did when you got here: vintage cool, fun people and HOT weather :)

    Hope you had a chance to sneak across the street go snack on a Red Velvet cupcake from Hey Cupcake. They’re amazing.

    Either way, glad you had a good time here. Always great to see the ‘nati represented in Texas!

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