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Summer Desktop Wallpaper Round-up

(Download: Life is Sweet” by Creature Comforts)

I love changing my desktop wallpaper to match the seasons (or my mood)! I try to change mine at least once a month; it’s a small and simple way to feel fresh and inspired. With that in mind, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite free summer desktop wallpapers for you with the hopes of making you feel a little more inspired. I’m currently using the “Life is Sweet” one myself. I hope that you enjoy them!


(Download “July” by Llew Mejia)

(Download: “Flow Forward” by Solefield)

(Download “Mini Strawberry Print” by Cath Kidston)

(Download: “Summer Patterns” by Alma Loveland)

(Download: “Macaroons for my love” by 5inthemornin)

(Download: “Cloud” by Helena Bello)

My first attempt at fancy DIY nails!

You know all those crazy fancy nail tutorials you constantly see all over Pinterest & the blog world? Well, I decided to finally try one instead of simply staring at them in open-mouthed amazement. I used Keiko Lynn’s “Moon River Manicure” tutorial & I’m beyond pleased with the results! The secret to the clean lines are those round reinforcement labels that I don’t think anybody really ever uses (except for sweet manicures, of course). You can buy them  anywhere office supplies are sold. I’m not going to go through a long tutorial because Keiko Lynn’s is already amazing & needs no improvements.

Here are few tips I’m going to keep in mind the next time, though:

  • A base coat & a top coat are essential to getting your nails looking much more polished & finished at the end.
  • Make sure the first coat is completely dry before putting the reinforcement labels on them or else it gets messy.
  • Make sure to peel off the labels before the polish dries– which means doing them one at time (it really doesn’t take very long).

Let me know if you try this tutorial yourself! Seriously, if I can do it & make it look half decent, anyone can!

{EDIT: Looking at this picture of my little ampersand tattoo made me realize how badly it needs touched up. So, please ignore how wonky it looks in this picture. Perhaps this is just the motivation I need to actually grow a pair & get the retouch done! Alright, carry on.}

Fun prints by Sandra Juto.

I’ve blogged about Sandra Juto‘s work in the past, so it’s no secret that I think she is an incredibly talented artist. These prints that are on sale in her shop right now have me swooning all over again! They are fun, colorful, & full of wonderful little details. They’d be a nice addition to any art collection!

Pumpkin everything!

{1. Owl Pumpkin;  2. Scalloped Pointelle Loop Scarf in Orange;  3. Pumpkin Pie White Hot Chocolate;
4. Cute pumpkin cupcake;  5. Oval shaped Flowers Print / Orange / Yellow;  6. Erika Persimmon Duvet Cover }

Fun fact: I’m obsessed with everything pumpkin! Seriously, you guys. October is one of my favorite months (in part) because I can unabashedly express my adoration for the color, flavor, scent and any/everything related to pumpkins! With that being said, I’ve decided to hand-picked a few of my favorite pumpkin-related items to share with you. I am especially fond of the owl pumpkin. He/she may be making an appearance in my home sometime soon.

Do you have any obsessions that come along with a particular month or season? Are you as obsessed with pumpkin as I am?

DIY: Quick & easy patterned clipboard wall display.

I wanted to share this quick & ridiculously easy patterned clipboard wall display I made! I got the inspiration from this photo.

The steps are pretty much nonexistent. All I did was take plain clipboards and cover them with some cute scrapbooking paper I found at Target. I used an exacto knife to cut the paper to match the clipboards. Then, I sprayed an even coating of spray adhesive (careful! it’s hard to get off fingers!) onto the clipboards and carefully smoothed out the paper. The key is to already have the paper lined up and clipped down at the top; that was you guarantee a perfect finish!

I couldn’t figure out how to get the very top part covered with paper without unscrewing the actual clips at the top. And, I was too impatient. I know it’s not perfect, but it’s a nice quick fix to the alternative of blank & boring walls. If you try this yourself, please send me pictures of the finished products!

(Almost) Too Cute to Eat!


Fact: I love food. A lot. But, my love for cute food is a little bit out of control, you guys. Here’s the evidence that I might have a bit of an obsession.





Inspired by Animal Artwork


If I had to adorn my walls solely with animal artwork, I think I’d not only be okay with it. I’d be thrilled. Here are a few of my favorite animal artwork prints.



{Image Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5}

Love these bookmarks!

I love every single one of these bookmarks! They are just perfect. I especially like the library card book mark (second from the left). It’s great for someone who likes to share their books with others. Now, here’s a cute way to keep track of  who is borrowing what! Buy them here! (found via teachingliteracy)

Gift Guide: Let’s get cozy.

Here in Cincinnati, we’ve had two (that’s right TWO) Snow Days this week. These are the times when I truly savor being a teacher & still getting to enjoy the finer things that come along with being a kid. There is nothing quite like the giddy feeling of waking up to a blanket of snow & a voicemail telling you to stay snug in bed. Now, since I’m feeling all cozy & watching the snow fall, I figured it was the perfect day to round up some warm & cozy gift ideas for that someone special. Enjoy & stay warm this holiday!

These beautiful beige fingerless gloves ($35) from Homelab are so darling–especially with that wrist strap & button.  I love unnecessary, decorative buttons!

This sweet print ($20) by the lovely Elisabeth over at Poppy and Pinecone makes me want to whip out my over-sized headphones, bundle up, & go explore in the snow!

I’ve been wanting a pair of Frye boots for a while. I just wish they weren’t so dang expensive (the ones pictured above are $318). For those of you that have them, do you feel that they were a smart purchase?

I love this knitted leaf barrette (only $6!) made by Amanda Lee at I Love Life I Love You. What a perfect little gift to use as a stocking stuffer!

If I bought these snuggly red owl sweater lace-up booties ($34) from Urban Outfitters, they would never leave my feet when I got home.

This ruffly scarf ($38) from Anthropologie would be a great way to accessorize my winter attire.

What winter accessories are you lusting over this winter?

Harper the hyper reindeer!

She's given up.

Harper the hyper reindeer.

I’m sorry, but I simply couldn’t resist sharing these adorable photos of Harper! We bought her these reindeer antlers on Amazon.com (impulse buy, anyone?) & she totally flipped her little puppy brains out when we tried to put them on her. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. Ohmygoodness. The photograph with Harper & me in it is the point at which I think she has finally given up all hope of escaping the humility. Back to our regularly scheduled gift guides tomorrow!

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