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Realizations + Spring Break 2012!

Yes, it’s me. Is there anyone out there still ? Who knows. I’ll give it a go anyways!

I’ve come to a (not-so-shocking) realization. I’ve realized that I don’t update my blog because I’m lazy nor is it because of a lack of things to share. I don’t blog because I have one of the shortest attention spans of anyone that I know. If you could just listen to my inner monologue for a few minutes, you’d quickly realize what I’m talking about. Here’s a sample for you:

“I can’t wait for the Hunger Games movie tonight! I hope it’s as good as the books. I need to read more books. I need to use the Nook that Kevin got me for Christmas. I hope he doesn’t think I don’t like it. I hope we can get good seats at the theater. I wonder if I should wear shorts or pants. I need more shorts for summer. I can’t wait for summer. I want to go on a cruise or something!”

That it is all to say, I finally GET why I’m not an A+ blogger! And, you know what? That’s okay! I’m going to do the best I can & if people what to listen to me, let them. If not, that’s alright too! So, this past week was my Spring Break! Another time I remember one of the awesome perks of being a teacher (apart from the whole preparing the nation for its future leaders — blah blah blah). I have been very productive over my break. I did ALL my laundry which is pretty much something that should go into the history books. I’ve done a lot of spring cleaning, patio gardening planning, & also just straight up chilling. Here are some pictures to prove I’m alive & well!

I bought a new dress! Please excuse the blurriness. My boyfriend has shaky camera hands.

I’m taking a pottery class at a local art center with some teacher friends.
This is my first batch of completely finished & glazed pots. I’m (more than a little) proud of myself.

We got a new patio set for the balcony. It’s so stinkin’ cute. I also have plans to make a pallet garden. I’ve already “rescued” a pallet from the back parking lot of my local grocery store.


Stumbling upon murals & small parks such as this one around my city is the exact reason why I love where I love so much! People may talk crap about Cincinnati, but there are so many hidden gems if you are willing to do a little exploring!

To those of you readers who can stomach my spastic blogging, you get mad props from me! Enjoy your Saturday!

Daily Outfit: Memorial Day 2011


Kevin & I celebrated Memorial Day by doing a little bit of gardening on the deck. We watered the plants & brought them outside to soak up the sunshine. I love “gardening” even though I don’t have a proper yard. Next, we decided to eat a late lunch on the patio at Arthur’s. It’s a restaurant that we’ve recently discovered & love. They’re mostly famous for their burgers, but we opted for a lighter choice since it was over 90 degrees outside! I got the cobb salad & he got a cod sandwich. Then, we ran a couple of errands & spent the rest of the scorching day inside the apartment with the air conditioning on. Sometimes, it’s just too hot to do anything outside. Except swim of course. I need to find a friend with a pool. Fast.  For my outfit for the day, I decided to wear something cool & airy to beat the heat. It did the best it could given the circumstances!


Sweater & belt: Target | Dress: H&M | Sandals: Forever 21


How did you spend your Memorial Day? I hope you did something extra special. I also hope you took some time to remember all of the men & women in the armed forces who have given their lives for their country. Thank YOU!

Daily Outfit: Oh, Messy Life!

Don't mind the mess.


{Jeans: Converse from Target | Striped gray tshirt: Old Navy | Jacket: Express | Scarf: Target | Shoes: Target}

I admit, this photo is not the best showcase of my outfit. I do apologize. I got a small point-and-shoot digital camera for Christmas. It’s a nice alternative to my larger & bulkier Canon Rebel. However, I’m still getting used to it. So, please bear with me! I was also going to edit out the messy bedroom, but I thought you might find it interesting. I always get a kick out of other people’s clutter. Anyways, I wore this on Sunday night with plans to go out to see some live blue grass music with our downstairs neighbors. However, we ended up not staying at the bar because it was ridiculously packed. Everyone wanted to be out celebrating their impending day off, I suppose. We ended up going to a small, local bar, drinking a few beers, & enjoying some lovely conversation.

Oh, also! In the effort of full disclosure, I’m working on really trying to get in shape for 2011. I’ve been working out every day & watching my calories. So, perhaps we can consider this my “before” photo. Fingers crossed that I don’t lose all motivation like usual. Anyone have any tips for staying motivated?

Daily Outfit: Lunch at the market!

Trip to the market

[Shirt: Forever 21 | Brown belt: Forever 21 | Skinny jeans: Buffalo David Bitton (from TJ Maxx)| Flats: Old Navy]

Grabbed lunch at our local farmer’s market with my sister and mom today. This is what I wore. It’s unseasonably warm out! So, I didn’t need a jacket or anything. LOVE it!

And, just because I think it’s kind of cute, here’s the original uncropped image.  As you can see, Harper is hardly camera shy. Mostly, she just likes being within ten feet of me at all times. It sounds sweet but can also get a tad…overwhelming. Plus, in the photo below, you get to see a corner of my kitchen! I know I haven’t taken any legit pictures of the new apartment, so I figured it’d be a nice little preview. I had to balance my camera on the corner of the island in the kitchen to get this picture. Which reminds me…I really need a tripod!


Daily Outfit: Date night!

Kevin & I rarely go out on “official” dates; so when we unexpectedly won a free full-course dinner (!!!) at the amazing Cumin restaurant, we were both stoked–to say the least! We never win annnything. So, this past Thursday we were wined & dined like NEVER before. I was positively giddy as we were served course after course of delicious food. It was the most decadent meal I had ever eaten. I would highly, highly recommend going if you are in the Cincinnati area. I am absolutely going back!

Oh, and this is what I wore!

Sweater: Gap
Button-up ruffle shirt: Old Navy
Skirt: Old Navy
Necklace & belt: Forever 21
Shoes: Aldo
Puppy: Craigslist

To tuck or not to tuck?

That is the question.

Alright, let’s get straight to it. The high-waisted trend is running rampant in fashion. I think little petite girls with tiny waists look so charming in this trend! I was really inspired to start trying it after seeing Julie of Orchid Grey pull it off so flawlessly. I guess my question is, am I doing it right? I really can’t tell. I do have a “bit” (okay, more than a bit–let’s be honest) of a belly that makes me feel slightly self-conscious. I don’t know. I’m really on the fence with this one. I’m not a fashionista, so I tend to dress in a way that doesn’t attract much attention. You know? I guess it’s because I’m never fully confident of my fashion sense.


Not tucked.

I think it looks more polished tucked when compared to it being not tucked. But, I was just wondering what you all thought of this trend? Should I leave it to the petite girls or commit to it myself? Here are a few other examples of me trying to pull it off. So, what’s the verdict? Do you have any pictures to share for inspiration? How do you get over your fashion phobias & find the confidence to try new things? I’d love to hear all about it!

Daily Outfit: Library Sale.

library sale outfit.
Our local library has an annual sale that’s a pretty big deal around these parts! This is what I wore.

Stripey sailor sweater & ruffle tank: Forever 21
Shorts: H&M
Brown flats: Target
Bag: Moop

(Photo courtesy of my boyfriend, Kevin. Legs courtesy of my Mama.)

P.S. I’m also sorry if you haven’t been able to leave a comment in the past. This issue was brought to my attention recently & I finally fixed it. So, feel free to comment away to make up for lost time! ;)

Daily Outfit: Gone thriftin’!

I’m about to go to a few thrift stores with Kevin for the first time in a long, long while. I’m LOVING & taking advantage of my Spring Break! Heres my thriftin’ outfit. It looks a bit haphazard, but I thought I’d share it with you nonetheless! I think I got the idea of wearing skirts when thrifting from a fellow blogger; they said something about it being easy to try on things without having to go into the dressing rooms. And, I’ll be honest, I’m all for avoiding thrift store fitting rooms whenever possible. ;)

Cardigan, belt, & skirt: Target
Purple t-shirt: Forever 21
Tights: Old; no idea.
Shoes: Old Navy

Wish me all sorts of thrifting luck!

Daily Outfit: Let the sun shine in.

It’s warming up outside (& by “warming up” I mean it’s 31 degrees farenheit). But, more importantly, the sun is finally shining again! This change in the weather has inspired me to put on a skirt for the first time in a long, long while. And, I’ve decided to photograph the outfit in order to pull it up as proof that I do in fact own a skirt– if I should ever have to plead my case in the future. The boyfriend, my friend Jennifer & I have a date to go see the movie Avatar (in 3D IMAX!) later today. So, I thought I’d wear something a little different rather than opting for my typical jeans/hoodie combo that I seem to have been living in lately.

Cargidan & layering tanks: Gap
Denim skirt: Target
Gray Tights & knee-high navy socks: Target?
Brown leather boots: DSW (Brand is Diba)
Bird House Charm Necklace: Urban Outfitters (Click here for detailed pictures)

Hope you enjoy the sunshine today as much as I intend to!

Daily Outfit: Feeling Fancy!


I’m going out with some of my favorite girls tonight. There might be a few drinks & dancing involved. So, I thought I’d try to spice things up a touch. I’m usually a pretty plain Jane. My “going out” outfit usually consists of jeans, a cute top, & flats. I don’t typically do heels. So, this is a big step for me! What do you think?


Top: GAP
Skirt: Old Navy
Black tights: I don’t remember, to be honest.
Shoes: Isaac Mizrahi for Target

It sort of still feels like it’s not finished. Do you think a belt or something should be added?

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