Daily Outfit: 7.6.08

Today, I am wearing an outfit created entirely from pieces that were purchased while on vacation in Charleston, South Carolina! I love to shop in new places. I think buying something lovely for yourself while on vacation is the perfect way to commemorate your trip. Every time you wear it, you can look back fondly on all the places you’ve seen & been; or perhaps those are just excuses for me to spend my money on things that I normally wouldn’t back home.

Dailt Outfit Details: 7.6.08

: Bought from a little street shop in Charleston aptly & rather ridiculously named “Celebrity Style”. Hey, he gave me a good deal.
Shoes: Urban Outfitters in Charleston (a birthday present from my sister).
Necklace: Worthwhile — a wonderful boutique on King Street in downtown Charleson that I stumbled into. It’s made out of wood. I instantly fell in love with it

P.S. Please feel free to ignore the bored/anguished expression on my face. Not sure what that’s all about! I am rather chipper today, actually.