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Pumpkin everything!

{1. Owl Pumpkin;  2. Scalloped Pointelle Loop Scarf in Orange;  3. Pumpkin Pie White Hot Chocolate;
4. Cute pumpkin cupcake;  5. Oval shaped Flowers Print / Orange / Yellow;  6. Erika Persimmon Duvet Cover }

Fun fact: I’m obsessed with everything pumpkin! Seriously, you guys. October is one of my favorite months (in part) because I can unabashedly express my adoration for the color, flavor, scent and any/everything related to pumpkins! With that being said, I’ve decided to hand-picked a few of my favorite pumpkin-related items to share with you. I am especially fond of the owl pumpkin. He/she may be making an appearance in my home sometime soon.

Do you have any obsessions that come along with a particular month or season? Are you as obsessed with pumpkin as I am?

Inspired by Animal Artwork


If I had to adorn my walls solely with animal artwork, I think I’d not only be okay with it. I’d be thrilled. Here are a few of my favorite animal artwork prints.



{Image Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5}

A dose of inspiration!

{via eilan}

I’m sick, you guys! This is the first time I’ve gotten sick-sick in a while. And, it couldn’t have come at a worse time! The weather has been gorgeous outside for the past few days. Sixty degrees in February? What!? Plus, this is a three-day weekend for me, so I was hoping to enjoy it to its fullest. Unfortunately, I’ve spent almost the entire weekend on the couch watching Animal Hoarders & getting far too emotionally invested. Honestly, I’m just feeling bleh! I haven’t worked out in a week & I’ve been eating all sorts of junk food. I feel like all I’ve been doing lately is whining. And, you all don’t want to hear that! So, I’ve rounded up a dose of inspiring art in order to kick the sick blues away! I hope it brightens up your day a little as well.

I’m going to start reading again. I’ve put several books on hold at the library & I’ve updated my Goodreads account. Do any of you have a Goodreads account? If so, you should add me! Also, I don’t know who made this beautiful drawing. If you know who I can give credit, please let me know!

I always said I could never live in the suburbs. This cute piece by Camilla Engman is making me (almost) reconsider!

Café Scene, 1946
I absolutely adore this painting by Raphael Soyer. I would love to have some sort of a print of it to hang in my living room above the fireplace. It’s just perfection to me.

I just think this is an adorable little idea. A little forest made out of tea cups!

Gift Guide: Let’s get cozy.

Here in Cincinnati, we’ve had two (that’s right TWO) Snow Days this week. These are the times when I truly savor being a teacher & still getting to enjoy the finer things that come along with being a kid. There is nothing quite like the giddy feeling of waking up to a blanket of snow & a voicemail telling you to stay snug in bed. Now, since I’m feeling all cozy & watching the snow fall, I figured it was the perfect day to round up some warm & cozy gift ideas for that someone special. Enjoy & stay warm this holiday!

These beautiful beige fingerless gloves ($35) from Homelab are so darling–especially with that wrist strap & button.  I love unnecessary, decorative buttons!

This sweet print ($20) by the lovely Elisabeth over at Poppy and Pinecone makes me want to whip out my over-sized headphones, bundle up, & go explore in the snow!

I’ve been wanting a pair of Frye boots for a while. I just wish they weren’t so dang expensive (the ones pictured above are $318). For those of you that have them, do you feel that they were a smart purchase?

I love this knitted leaf barrette (only $6!) made by Amanda Lee at I Love Life I Love You. What a perfect little gift to use as a stocking stuffer!

If I bought these snuggly red owl sweater lace-up booties ($34) from Urban Outfitters, they would never leave my feet when I got home.

This ruffly scarf ($38) from Anthropologie would be a great way to accessorize my winter attire.

What winter accessories are you lusting over this winter?

Gift Guide: A Touch of Whimsy!

I’m going to start doing themed gift guides to give you guys some great ideas for the holiday season!  My first one is “A Touch of Whimsy”. For that girl you know who always has her head in the clouds, here are some gifts that will sure to have her swooning (without you having to empty out your bank account).

Clockwise from top-left:
Love is Magical ($20), Dandelions t-shirt ($25), English Rabbit Illustration ($10), Silver Bow Necklace ($21)

Photography with heart.

Julien Denoyer emailed me to tell me about his Etsy shop featuring beautiful fine art photography prints. Not only are his prints breathtaking, but he also puts a lovely spin on his work by donating a portion of his profits to some of his favorite charities, such as Lend with Care and Doctors without Borders. Buying amazing prints AND knowing that you’re giving back? You can’t get better than that.

Check out more of his work on his Etsy or Flickr.Thanks so much for sharing, Julien!

Just a little Saturday afternoon inspiration.

It’s getting cold here, you guys. I’ve finally broken down & turned the heat on (hmmph!). Since it’s simply too cold to do anything outside, I’m spending my Saturday afternoon on the couch watching soccer with the boy (he’s kind of obsessed) & the puppy & lots of blankets. While I’m here, I figured I might as well share a couple images & products I’ve found particularly inspiring over the past week. An inspiration dump, if you will. Hope you enjoy!

As a typography & a wine enthusiast, I am swooning over this print.

I am inspired by this beautiful workspace. Found via pinterest. (I’m not sure of the original author of this photo – if you know, tell me!)

This stunning 18kt dragonfly wing is so lovely & dainty. Unfortunately, it is much too far out of my price range.
So, I’m posting it here– which is the next best thing to buying it, I suppose.

I want this coffee cozie. Unfortunately, it’s sold out. Hopefully the owner of the shop will be making more shortly!

Well, I suppose that will do for now. Feel free to leave a comment giving me links to pretty pictures, products, etc! I love inspiration & can’t get enough!

Recent impulse buy: My Folk Lover Prints

I’m obsessed with looking for prints to hang up in the apartment. I don’t have much money, so I’m pretty picky when it comes to committing to actually pushing the buy button. However, I couldn’t resist this pair of prints by the talented My Folk Lover. They are just the right touch of whimsy, beauty, and charm! Plus, the color scheme goes so well with in living room!

I am anxiously awaiting their arrival! Have you made any impulse buys lately?

Chalk it up!

I’ve been wanting a cute vintage chalkboard to put in my kitchen for a while now. I could write sweet messages on it to the boy or things I need to get from the grocery store or little “to do” reminders; the possibilities are endless! Naturally, the first place I decided to look was the ever-faithful Etsy.

After browsing for a bit, I stumbled upon Mary Kate McDevitt’s Etsy shop & let out a gasp of delight. It’s exactly what I’ve been in the market for! My only problem? Choosing my favorite, of course!

Ruffles make the world a better place.

I am such a sucker for clothing with ruffles & Etsy seller Lirola does them so well! I want them all.

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