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Adorable Crocheted Garland.

I’m not a very good crocheter (is that even a word–it is now!) but I really want to give this adorable crocheted garland that I saw on Dottie Angel’s Flickr a try! How adorable & what a perfect way to instantly brighten up & add some interesting details to a room!

I’m totally inspired, aren’t you?

Inspiring Quotes: “I hear my bones” by Jonathan Safran Foer

{Photo courtesy of AwkwardlyAlex}

Flickr Favorites: “Balloons = Instant Magic”

Why is it that adding balloons to any photograph seems to create instant magic?

{Credit: 1. Untitled, 2. untitled, 3. Day 98 – balloon happiness?, 4. love balloon, 5. serenity, 6. learn to fly, 7. you stole my heart away, 8. Returning to the same ocean., 9. I’ll Give You All I Can…}

Daily Photo: “Love Infinity”

loveinfinity, originally uploaded by yyellowbird.

Daily Photo: “Growth”

growth., originally uploaded by randi brusokas.

Daily Photo: “Cat Lady 4 Life”

I loved this tattoo too much to not share it with you.

Inspiring Interiors: Bright & airy.

There is something so cheerful about being in a room that feels bright & airy. Coming home to any of the rooms pictured above would make even the gloomiest of days a bit easier to swallow!

[Sources: 1. Untitled, 2. Living Room, 3. cupboard, 4. work desk.]

Daily Photo: “Quiet Moment”

Daily Photo: “Earth”

earth, originally uploaded by wild goose chase.

Daily Photo: “Don’t Worry”

Don’t Worry, originally uploaded by shrinkwrapped.

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