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Gardening in the City.


One of my favorite things about our apartment is our lovely patio overlooking downtown. Yeah, it’s probably seen better days & needs a little work (ahem! landlord, if you’re reading this, I’m looking at you). But, I still love it to pieces. It’s our tiny slice of the outdoors in the heart of the city. It’s no yard, but we’re doing the best with what we’ve got. So, we finally got around to buying a proper (albeit inexpensive) patio set & have been trying our hand at gardening this summer!

Our first attempt was a bit of a failure. We didn’t do our research and ended up buying the wrong  kind of flowers for the amount of sunlight we get. The issue is that our patio gets full sun basically all day long. So, our poor little flowers fried. This time around, we decided to ditch the flowers. Instead, we bought some herbs and a couple tomato plants! I’m eager to see how they do on our patio. I’ll definitely keep you posted!

Do any of you with a green thumb have any tips on patio gardening? Any suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciated!

Inspiring finds: Holiday Edition.

Here is a little round-up of inspiring pictures with a little holiday twist!

(Clockwise from top-left: 1|2|3|4)

I love, love, love it when people get creative with their holiday decorating. I especially love when they veer away from the “classic” bright red/green combo & put their own creative twist on it.

(Clockwise from top-left: 1|2|3|4)

Twinkle lights never, ever fail to put me in the holiday spirit! My apartment is currently decked out with enough twinkle lights to make it feel like daytime in the middle of the night. And, that’s just the way I like it!

(Clockwise from top-left: 1|2|3|4)

Not only is there no snow in my neck of the woods, it’s unseasonable warm (60 degrees on December 21st!?). So, at the moment, I’m forced to look wistfully at these beautiful winter wonderland photographs & hope for my own taste of it before the end of winter.

What gets you into the holiday spirit?

Capturing the moment perfectly.

The tree outside my window is blossoming & it’s absolutely beautiful. That is the official sign that spring has arrived to me! The other day, it was overcast & they looked amazing contrasted against the gray sky. I am so thankful spring seems to have finally arrived. I’m totally okay with rain if it’s warm outside! What signifies the arrival of spring to you?

Spring is in the air!

Yesterday kicked off a week of Spring Break for myself! I am so excited. It couldn’t have come at a better time. Kevin & I booked a little rustic (i.e. cheap) cabin at Red River Gorge for a few days this coming week. I can’t wait to hike & make fires & watch my puppy explore the wilderness & generally escape the hustle & bustle of city-dwelling life. Spring is so inspiring to me. It’s like nature is waking up & stretching from a long much-needed nap. Here are a few inspiring spring-related images to get you excited about the upcoming season– as if you weren’t already!

I like this dress because it’s sweet & functional & screams “Spring!”

This is what I plan on doing while camping at the Gorge. {via tumblr}


I’m loving these gorgeous pillows made out of old sweaters.

Spring reminds me of riding bikes & falling in love. (via pinterest)

Snow adventure!

This is Harper’s first winter ever. I wondered how she’d react to this strange white stuff blanketing everything. To say that she loves snow is an understatement. She’s absolutely bonkers for it! I’m pretty sure she’s going to miss the heck out of it when it all melts. So, Kevin & I took her to Eden Park yesterday to run around & embrace her crazy side. I am pretty sure it was the best day she has had in her life. The only way it would have been better is if she had a puppy friend to share it with.

Our first (real) snow.

While I’m posting snow photos, here is a view from my bedroom patio. OTR, Cincinnati is the most beautiful in the snow! I hope you all are staying warm this winter.

Back to reality!

Wild, wild horses. Beautiful wild horses in Corolla, NC.

I just got back from a week of sunshine & relaxation in the Outerbanks of North Carolina. I went with my family which is always nice & care-free. Now I know what all those bumper stickers were talking about! I spent my days at our private (!) swimming pool or soaking up the sun by the beach. But, now I’m back to reality. My apartment is in complete disarray as I begin the transition of moving into the new place. I hate clutter & it seems to be suffocating me at the moment. AHopefully I’ll be able to get things organized, packed, & moved into the new place by the end of next week! In the mean time, here are a few of the pictures I took the past week. I didn’t take too many because my dad is quite the photographer & I left a lot of the picture-taking up to him. Perhaps I can snag a few of his to post later.



Kevin couldn’t come on vacation with us because of work, so his only request was for me to taking a picture of (in his words) “the place on the beach where they put up the fences and there’s high grass growing around it” because it’s his favorite part. So, here you go. These are for you, Kevin!

Corolla Outback Adventures

This was the SUV we drove around in for our wild horses tour. A little bumpy, but so much fun!

Exploring the new neighborhood.

Where are you going?

Kevin & I walked around the neighborhood of the new place earlier today. Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati is such an interesting neighborhood. There are abandoned houses right next to newly renovated, beautiful homes. Today was my first time really venturing out into the neighborhood to take photographs. I am looking forward to doing it more often in the future!

Kevin, the explorer.

Kevin loves exploring new places.

Summer self.

Myself; looking pretty “natural”. I don’t really fix myself up too much in the summertime. I get too hot and sweat it all of anyways!

Splash of color.

These stairs are on the same street as our apartment.
Someone painted them with these awesome swirls.
I envision many a photoshoot here in the future!

Little lizard friends.

These little lizards are everywhere. I almost stepped on a few of them.
Kinda freak me out, but I’ll be okay.

Well, I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into my new ‘hood. As I said, I hope to take more photographs of it sooner rather than later!

A country wedding.


I had the absolute pleasure of attending my friend Liz’s wedding in Fortville, Indiana yesterday. I didn’t get a chance to take as many photographs I had been meaning to. Actually, to be honest, I took a lot at first but realized my memory card wasn’t inserted into my camera correctly! Urghh! Regardless, it was an absolutely magical wedding. Liz decorated it herself down to the smallest detail. Everything was beautiful! Congrats, Liz & Steve!








Me & the lovely bride!

New York Street Numbers

This is such a beautifully simple idea. Its a great example of how taking an idea & running with it can yield fantastic results. To see more, along with a complete list of full addresses visit Papercut.

Lovely, lazy, luxurious snow days!

Good morning! Today is my second snow day in a row! I’m quickly learning the perks of being a teacher. Yesterday & (so far) today have been full of luxurious amounts of nothingness! Here are a few photographs I’ve taken thus far today. As you can see, my cat Atlas is joining in on the laziness as well. He was sleeping with me when I decided to get up & make the bed. He wouldn’t move, so I decided to simply make it on top of him. He doesn’t seem to mind too much, does he? He actually stayed that way for about ten minutes! What a nerd.


A view from my apartment window. I’m too much of a baby to go outside & take proper photographs.

First snow day!

Kevin helped me commemorate my very first official snow day by marking it on the calendar. I wrote in “Snow Day #2″ today. How cute, right?


My cute necklace stand given to me by my dear friend Ashley. I just felt like photographing it today for some reason. The thing on the left is a CD that my mother decoupaged with my favorite Emily Dickinson poem on it. So sweet!

I suppose that’s it for now. I am going to go read Pride and Prejudice, drink my chai, & bask in my own laziness.  Are there any photographs of my life that you’d like me to take? I’m taking requests.

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