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Daily Outfit: Let the sun shine in.

It’s warming up outside (& by “warming up” I mean it’s 31 degrees farenheit). But, more importantly, the sun is finally shining again! This change in the weather has inspired me to put on a skirt for the first time in a long, long while. And, I’ve decided to photograph the outfit in order to pull it up as proof that I do in fact own a skirt– if I should ever have to plead my case in the future. The boyfriend, my friend Jennifer & I have a date to go see the movie Avatar (in 3D IMAX!) later today. So, I thought I’d wear something a little different rather than opting for my typical jeans/hoodie combo that I seem to have been living in lately.

Cargidan & layering tanks: Gap
Denim skirt: Target
Gray Tights & knee-high navy socks: Target?
Brown leather boots: DSW (Brand is Diba)
Bird House Charm Necklace: Urban Outfitters (Click here for detailed pictures)

Hope you enjoy the sunshine today as much as I intend to!

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  1. Aren’t you too cute? I may just have to pull a cute skirt out for today too. With warm tights of course! Thanks for the inspiration.
    XX Kate

  2. Ah yes! I forgot to mention where my glasses were from. I guess I forget because they’re more like a part of me than part of my outfit. But, yes. They are Burberry! Good eye. :]

  3. So you opted for Burberry! Good choice!

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