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Exploring the new neighborhood.

Where are you going?

Kevin & I walked around the neighborhood of the new place earlier today. Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati is such an interesting neighborhood. There are abandoned houses right next to newly renovated, beautiful homes. Today was my first time really venturing out into the neighborhood to take photographs. I am looking forward to doing it more often in the future!

Kevin, the explorer.

Kevin loves exploring new places.

Summer self.

Myself; looking pretty “natural”. I don’t really fix myself up too much in the summertime. I get too hot and sweat it all of anyways!

Splash of color.

These stairs are on the same street as our apartment.
Someone painted them with these awesome swirls.
I envision many a photoshoot here in the future!

Little lizard friends.

These little lizards are everywhere. I almost stepped on a few of them.
Kinda freak me out, but I’ll be okay.

Well, I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into my new ‘hood. As I said, I hope to take more photographs of it sooner rather than later!

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  1. I recently dated a guy in that neighborhood – so cool! Tell me you’ve been to the Iris bookcafe and the little used record store right down the street from that? Magical.

  2. i think that lizard might be a lazarus lizard. i found this on the internet:

    In 1951, a vacationing Hyde Park boy, George Rau, brought back about 10 of them from Lake Garda in northern Italy. His mother was arts patron Irma Lazarus, and his step-father was Fred Lazarus III, who was president and chairman of the old Shillito’s department store.

    The young Rau had stuffed the lizards in a sock before boarding the plane for his flight home. He released them in his family’s yard, and the lizards made their home in the stacked stone walls. They quickly established colonies in nearby Columbia Tusculum because of its many stone walls.

    In the mid-1950s, he brought back more European wall lizards he found at the top of a volcanic mountain on El Vedra, a tiny isle off the coast of Ibiza, an island near Spain.

    Over the years, the lizards have spread to many other parts of the city – from the East Side to the West Side, as well as Northern Kentucky. They’ve even been spotted in the Falls of the Ohio State Park in Clarksville, Ind., across the Ohio River from Louisville, Ky.

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