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Goodbye 2009!

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Like so many others around me seem to be expressing, I am more than happy to see 2009 go. Although many wonderful things have happened to me in the past year (graduating from college, finishing my internship, meeting my wonderful boyfriend), it all seemed to come along with a lot of– for lack of a better way to describe it– bad stuff. Certainly, I am not naive enough to assume that the coming year won’t bring its fair share of bad stuff, but I just love New Years for the fact that we can all start fresh with the idea that anything is possible. It’s like the perfect “Ctrl+Alt+Delete” analogy.

So, here are my obligatory 2010 New Year’s Resolutions. Some of them are specific. Some are more broad; all I believe are absolutely doable.

  1. {Feel better about myself.} This doesn’t necessarily mean one particular thing about myself needs to be changed. I’m not going to say “Lose 10-15 pounds” or “Work out 4 times a week” or “Eat healthier” because my physical appearance is not the only thing I need to work on in order to feel better about who I am as a person. I need to work on making myself feel better about all facets of who I am– from my personality to my spirituality as well as my physical characteristics. My resolution is to do whatever it takes to make myself feel better about myself — inside & out.
  2. {Take more photographs.} I have this nice camera that needs to be used. My resolution is to actually use it. Easy enough.
  3. {Read more books.} Another rather self-explanatory one. I love to read, but I haven’t been reading for pleasure lately.  I want to change that.
  4. {Take care of the people I love.} Start nurturing relationships of friends & family members. Stop focusing on the relationships that make me feel bad about myself.
  5. {Do what I love.} I resolve to find a way to live a life that I love & sustain myself while doing so. As a recent college graduate with a Bachelor’s degree now in tow, I feel such pressure to do something with my degree. I have been constantly stressing myself out about finding a job. My hope for 2010 is that I find a job that allows me to thrive!

I like that I only have five. That feels manageable to me. Now, what about yourself? What goals are you trying to reach in 2010?

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  1. I HATE resolutions because I have a bad history with them. But, here I am doing the usual list again that will fall to the wayside by March 1st…

    The New Life,New ____ List

    1. New Life, New Blog – I blogged since freaking 2002 then 4th year of college came along and it trickled…to…a…dead…stop. So I’m gonna do it.
    2. New Life, New Belly – My problem spot is my stomach. I carry weight around my middle just like men. So, I have a new diet to try (and I don’t care if the name is stupid) but it is geared toward your mid-section. Rob is even doing the men’s version and we bought books! Books to get us healthy! God help me.
    3. New Life, New Environment – Operation Downsize commenced TODAY with the sorting through the room. This whole thing will be a multi-step process as I downsize everything I own and make some attempt to get organized. This includes doing chores regularly and keeping the house clean.
    4. New Life, New Habits – I need to FLOSS daily. I need to EAT smaller portions. I need to shower frequently and do laundry so I am not wearing a flamingo thong from 12th grade because I ran out of underpants. I need to turn these into habits.
    5. New Life, New Attitude – I used to be very spiritual, positive, and even did things like Yoga to keep me stress free. I need to find ways to find mental balance and stay positive because I’m pretty much cynical and pissed at the world right now. This is toxic. It is negative energy that I need to purge from my life. I will do research and be pro-active to find ways to change my attitude.

    I think I just wrote my first blog post of 2010 on your freaking comment section.

    See you New Years Eve. ;-)

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