Gorgeous Bedding by Marimekko

{Above: Lumimarja Duvet Cover & Pillowcase Set: $109.00}

Going along with the bedding theme from a few posts ago, I found some absolutely amazing options by Marimekko. I love the bold colors & designs. They are all absolutely delightful.

{Clockwise from left: 1. Kivet Black/White Bedding: $59.00-$99.00, 2. Unikko Yellow Bedding: $69.00-$109.00, 3. Stilla Bedding: $69.00-$109.00, 4. Karhunputki Bedding: $24.00-$109.00, 5. Ruusupuu Bedding: $109.00, 6. Latvassa Korkealla Bedding: $19.00-$169.00}

{Above: 1. Black Tuuli Bedding: $89.00-$149.00, 2. Grey Tuuli Bedding: $89.00-$149.00}

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