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Inspiring Interiors: Clean & Airy.

{Camilla Engman}

I’m beginning the slow & painful (in my opinion) process of packing up all my worldly possessions & moving into a new apartment. My new place is lovely, but there is always the stresses of making a new apartment feel like home. I’ve been rather obsessed with searching for inspiring interiors over the past few weeks. After compiling these images, I think I’m drawn to clean, airy, & light-filled rooms.

{this is glamorous}

I’m a sucker for a bed with crumpled sheets. They just look so inviting!


I like the faded blue curtains, wire chair, & little cluster of frames in this one.


Really, does this photograph even need an explanation as to why its amazing? I think not.


The bookshelves, the ladder, the table. Oh my…!

Also, I am thinking of starting a new feature every Tuesday, where I feature interiors that I find inspiring each week!
Share your interior inspirations with me, por favor!

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  1. Ahh, that bed looks so comfortable! And I always love the hanging bed.

  2. The crumpled sheets are lovely, and the french press set up is marvelous! Love the colors in all of these photos!

    Also, I think the idea of a weekly feature sounds great!

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