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It’s the most wonderful time of the year (to be a teacher)!

The coveted summer break is upon us! For teachers across the country, this time of the year is better than Christmas. Honestly, when I was in school, I had no idea that my teachers were as excited about summer break as I was. Now, I’m faced with almost two months to do whatever I please! It’s absolutely an amazing perk of the job. Last year, I signed up to teach summer school. This year, I decided to really treat myself & not get a summer job. Certainly, my pocketbook is a little upset; however, I think my mental health will thank me ten times over! Now, what should I do with all this luxurious  freedom? It’s sort of a double-edged sword. I have all this free time to travel & experience new things, BUT I also still have a teacher’s salary to work with. Oh, the irony!

With that being said, here are a few (simple) plans I have for myself over the summer:

  • Spending more time with the cutie above! My nephew, Elijah, is getting bigger & bigger every day. I babysat him for the first time a few weeks ago & I realized what an exhausting thing it is to be a mother. I gained so much respect for my amazing sister & mothers everywhere.  don’t know how you do it, but you have my eternal admiration!
  • Reconnecting with friends & family. I admit, I’ve been a bad friend. During the school year, I get tunnel vision. It’s hard, as a teacher, to find that balance between my work & my personal life. This summer, I hope to reconnect with my friends/family & beg them to forgiv my hermit tendencies.
  • Step up my work out routine. Yeeeah. So, I haven’t exactly been running every day like I said I would. I really need to use these months to get fit & focus on developing a routine that I can continue to follow once school starts again. Perhaps I will make a post (or two or three) in regards to my steps to really get healthy? We shall see!
  • Read voraciously! I’m already on it! I just finished reading Veronica Roth’s Divergent. It’s another dystopian young adult three-book series (The Hunger Games, anyone?). I was skeptical, I admit. It didn’t draw me in quite as much as The Hunger Games did. However, I’m frantically trying to get my hands on the second book. So, that’s a good sign! Recommend books to me, please!
  • Ride a bike (with confidence). This is embarrassing to admit, but I’ve actually always been mildly afraid of riding a bike. When I was a kid, it took me a bit longer than my other friends to learn how to ride a bike without training wheels. It’s shameful to be the last of your friends to still have the training wheels on their bike, right? Since then, I’ve always been slightly apprehensive on those two wheels. This summer, I want to buy a bike & master riding it around my beautiful city!
  • Swim, swim, swim, swim, swim! I think I’m buying a pass to Coney Island. Their Sunlite pool is calling my name! Plus, I’ll get to wear my cute, new swimsuit! Win!


Those are just some of the things I plan on doing with my time! Certainly, I will be sharing all my other spontaneous adventures with you as they happen. If you had a couple months to do whatever you pleased (on a budget!), what are some things you’d have on your to-do list? Please share!

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  1. I would love to have the same holidays as teachers! However, I did once do some teaching work experience and I know it is not for me. I would use it to read lots of books like you said and also finish off some crochet projects. I have a week off now and it seems like BLISS to me, can’t imagine what 6 weeks off would be like.

  2. Yay for teacher summer breaks! I saw your recommendation earlier on FB (stalking!) and I am definitely looking into that series myself. I am always up for reading something new and exciting…what about a book club? I feel as if we may have the same type of style of reading and we both LOVED The Hunger Games. It’s a win win. Not too many of my friends are readers, with the exception of Kyle, however could be a great way to get, drink wine? and read books.

    Running and Fitness – I have been the same way recently. I definitely gave myself a goal and have not stuck to it. I’m bound and determined to run the Hyde Park Blast on June 30th, even if I have get there kicking and screaming.

    PS love that bathing suit.

    • I’d LOVE to start a book club. I’m serious! You should definitely get your hands on Divergent. I think you’d like it very much. I finally just bit the bullet & joined a LEGIT gym. Planet Fitness in Newport, KY. It’s only $10 a month. Not bad. Is the Hyde Park Blast a 5K? You go, girl! Get it. I hope to do my first race at some point in the near future! :)

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