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I’ve got the home office blues.

home office.

I admit, my “office” at the moment is pretty darn pathetic. I would give anything to live in a two-bedroom apartment & have an entire room dedicated to an office/creative space. However, at the moment I must be satisfied with it being nestled into a corner of my already cramped bedroom. It consists of what you see in the picture above; a small rickety desk that I’ve haphazardly painted white, a filing cabinet filled with unorganized “semi-important” documents as well as other odds & ends I had no other place for, & a small bookshelf that houses a few books as well as my printer. If I could have any type of office I wanted, I would use the photos below for inspiration.

What about you? Care to share your creative spaces? I’d love to see them!

{sources: great interior design + home office design + out in home + beautiful staged homes}

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  1. Wow, that last photo is to die for. I’m only in a one bedroom at the moment as well and am dreaming for the day I have 2 rooms to spread out in!

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