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Just a little Saturday afternoon inspiration.

It’s getting cold here, you guys. I’ve finally broken down & turned the heat on (hmmph!). Since it’s simply too cold to do anything outside, I’m spending my Saturday afternoon on the couch watching soccer with the boy (he’s kind of obsessed) & the puppy & lots of blankets. While I’m here, I figured I might as well share a couple images & products I’ve found particularly inspiring over the past week. An inspiration dump, if you will. Hope you enjoy!

As a typography & a wine enthusiast, I am swooning over this print.

I am inspired by this beautiful workspace. Found via pinterest. (I’m not sure of the original author of this photo – if you know, tell me!)

This stunning 18kt dragonfly wing is so lovely & dainty. Unfortunately, it is much too far out of my price range.
So, I’m posting it here– which is the next best thing to buying it, I suppose.

I want this coffee cozie. Unfortunately, it’s sold out. Hopefully the owner of the shop will be making more shortly!

Well, I suppose that will do for now. Feel free to leave a comment giving me links to pretty pictures, products, etc! I love inspiration & can’t get enough!

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  1. I really think I need that coffee cozy as well :]

  2. i have a feeling my weekend ahead is going to be full of the same things: blankets and football. hopefully some wine will make its way into the mix as well.

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