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Lovely, lazy, luxurious snow days!

Good morning! Today is my second snow day in a row! I’m quickly learning the perks of being a teacher. Yesterday & (so far) today have been full of luxurious amounts of nothingness! Here are a few photographs I’ve taken thus far today. As you can see, my cat Atlas is joining in on the laziness as well. He was sleeping with me when I decided to get up & make the bed. He wouldn’t move, so I decided to simply make it on top of him. He doesn’t seem to mind too much, does he? He actually stayed that way for about ten minutes! What a nerd.


A view from my apartment window. I’m too much of a baby to go outside & take proper photographs.

First snow day!

Kevin helped me commemorate my very first official snow day by marking it on the calendar. I wrote in “Snow Day #2″ today. How cute, right?


My cute necklace stand given to me by my dear friend Ashley. I just felt like photographing it today for some reason. The thing on the left is a CD that my mother decoupaged with my favorite Emily Dickinson poem on it. So sweet!

I suppose that’s it for now. I am going to go read Pride and Prejudice, drink my chai, & bask in my own laziness.  Are there any photographs of my life that you’d like me to take? I’m taking requests.

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  1. Lovely blog…and Cat! Jealous that you live somewhere where “snow day” is a reality and not a movie title. Enjoy it!

  2. your photos are really great. :)

  3. I love your little jewelry stand. I’m in desperate need of one myself.

  4. like Your blog! :)
    the second photo reminds me of glendora ave. in cincinnati, back where my sister used to live when she attended to UC.

  5. i really want another snow day now…

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