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New year, new(ish) me.

Ah, yes! It’s the beginning of a new year which means everyone is feeling all shiny & happy & we all have the highest of hopes for the months to come. And, what’s wrong with that!? As cheesy & over-used as it may seem, it’s so wonderful to be able to metaphorically start fresh every year. Kevin & I went to the grocery story & stocked up on healthy snacks for me (that being part of one of my “resolutions”). Our cart was filled mostly with fresh fruits & veggies. It was intriguing to see how low in stock the store was on fresh produce. I’d be interested to find out if that has any correlation to all the people & their New Year resolutions. I would put money on the answer being yes!

That being said, I’m keeping my resolutions small & simple this year. I know I’m a couple days late, but here are my resolutions for 2012 (in no order):

  1. Drink more water. I’ve already begun this one, but I want to keep it going. I like to freeze lemon slices & plop them into ice water. There’s really few things that are more refreshing! We all know how important our water intake is, so this resolution needs little explanation.
  2. Cook more! I’ve actually already started this one as well (I’m on a roll!). I made a delicious homemade soup a few days before Christmas. It was GOOD if I say so myself. And, even better the second day! I’m so spoiled because my boyfriend is such an amazing cook. But, I feel like 2012 is the year for me to step my game up. My sister also got me an adorable apron for Christmas that needs some serious breaking in! Oh, and I want to not only cook more, but cook healthier as well.
  3. Be kinder to myself. I seriously, seriously, seriously need to cut myself a break! I am determined to stop being so hard on myself & do little things to pamper myself. More massages . More manicures. More bubble baths. More time to unwind & not feel guilty about it. Less worrying about what others think of me. Less being my own worse critic. It’s time for me to learn how to really love myself.
  4. Shower those that I love with appreciation & adoration. This one is self-explanatory as well. I have some really amazing friends & family in my life. I am determined to be more selfless & show them how much they truly mean to me.
  5. Work out or shut up! I am constantly whining about my weight & how out of shape I am…as I shove chips into my face & watch my third episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey. So, I either need to get off the couch or stop bitching about my physical appearance to everyone. It’s annoying me, so I can only imagine how annoying it is to others! I plan on really working out this year! I’m still researching gym memberships, but I’m also considering actually purchasing a tread mill. That way, I’ll have no excuses!

Well, there you have it! Here’s to an amazing New Year with endless possibilities!

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  1. Hi Emily. I have just discovered your lovely blog. I am also a teacher (from Australia). Do you ever think about pursuing your creative interests (interior design,photography etc)as a career or are you happy to balance these with teaching? Tracie x

    • Hey Tracie! It’s always nice to meet a fellow teacher. And, honestly, that’s such a great question & I don’t really have a definite answer. I must admit, if an amazing creative opportunity within my interests opened up, it’d be pretty hard for me to turn it down. However, I do love teaching. Finding a balance is hard sometimes though. Don’t you agree? I think I need to be better at that as well. I love blogging. It’s a great creative outlet for myself. How about yourself? :)

  2. Cool! I looked at your 2011 resolutions just out of curiosity (http://www.emilyabigail.com/?p=887). The only thing in common between the two was the being nicer to yourself and not worrying what others think, so do it! :)

    • That IS neat! I liked reading over how my resolutions have changed. Somehow, I feel like I’ve grown quite a bit more than I thought over the past year. Thanks for pointing that out to me. :)

  3. Those are great resolutions. Mine are very similar. Glad to have an online acquaintance who’s working toward the same mental and physical health goals! Hopefully 2012 will be good to us and for us. :)

  4. I was a member of Fitworks when I was in Cincy, and it was pretty nice – no pool, but they’re open late and they have cardio machines with televisions and two cardio theatres where they showed movies. [True story: one time I watched Avatar for three straight workouts because it was the only thing they were showing.]

    I am perpetually trying to drink more water – the lemon slices are an awesome idea. :D

    • My only problem with Fitworks is that it’s a little bit of a drive, but I guess I’m just spoiled since everything is so close to me. The cardio theater sounds phenomenal. I might have to give them a visit. Thanks for the suggestion!

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