Teaching Outfit Contest (Win Polaroid film!)

Teacher Outfits
I am about to embark on quite the journey in a few short weeks when I graduate from college. This means that I absolutely need to begin working on my, virtually non-existent, professional wardrobe. I am going to beginning my career as a high school English teacher; that is if I can find a job, but that’s another story entirely. With the help of the unbelievably addicting Polyvore, I’ve compiled a set with some outfits that I wouldn’t mind wearing on my first day of school. What do you think?
Now onto the fun part(!):
Go to Polyvore.com & make your own teacher outfit set and post the link* here for me to see. Its free, easy & so much fun! You can sign up & start creating your set within minutes. Next Monday, I will choose my favorite outfit from those left in the comments & the winner will receive a 2-pack of Polaroid 600 film (that equals 20 polaroids). This is my first little contest. Spread the word! If this one  goes well, I will probably keep them coming in the future! You can enter this until next Monday (June 1) at 6 p.m. Just comment on this entry with a link to your Polyvore set!

*Note: Do not try to post a photograph of your set in the comments as it will not show up. Please just post a direct link to the set you’ve created.

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18 thoughts on “Teaching Outfit Contest (Win Polaroid film!)

  1. Hey lady!

    Your post on LJ caught my eye because I’m a preschool teacher– however I wouldn’t risk wearing super nice things to school, but I can dream/live vicariously through other teachers, right? :) But anyway here’s what I think you might enjoy when you start your teaching career. Bon chance!


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