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Things I Love Thursday: Snow Day Edition!

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Well, I’m jumping on the TILT bandwagon! I think this will be good for me. I need to be reminded of what I love & what I’m thankful for by the time Thursday rolls around & I begin to feel all “meh”. So, I hope you enjoy & get some happiness from what makes me happy!

This blurry, accidental photo of Kevin from New Year’s Eve makes me swoon. I love him. I love that he takes care of me & I love how cute he is & how he loves me even when I’m clearly acting irrationally. Basically, I love everything about him. Okay, I’m done!

Kevin & I have been obsessively watching Kids in the Hall. There are a ton of seasons available to stream instantly on Netflix. Kevin loved the show when he was a teenager, but this is my first time watching it or hearing anything about it (sheltered, anyone?). The ’80’s fashion is almost as hilarious as the sketches & it was a show definitely ahead of its time!

Little things that made me smile this week:

My puppy, Harper. She drives me crazy, but she is also the cutest little thing in the whole world. I love it when she gets all cuddly. Cuddly Harper is my favorite Harper.
Changing into my comfy sweatpants after wearing my work clothes all day.
Frozen blueberries & strawberries mixed with vanilla yogurt.
Exercising & being more aware of the food I put inside my body.
My morning cup of coffee. Without it, I am like a ship lost at sea.
SNOW DAYS! I’m having one right now. I feel like I’ve had more snow days this year as a teacher than I ever had as an actual student. I’m not complaining!
This week, I decided to put a little extra effort into my morning make up routine before work. Instead of just mascara, I put on eye liner & eye shadow. One of my students asked me on the first day of doing this, “Are you wearing make up, Ms. Krugh?! It looks nice!” It made me smile.
Finally getting new speakers for my record player & listening to my records again for the first time in months.
I am requiring my students to read The Hunger Games because I love the book & I can because I’m their teacher (Hah!). One of my students read the entire thing over the weekend & begged me to bring him the next book in the series. When I brought it to him the next day, he exclaimed, “Yes! It’s like Christmas Day all over again!” It warmed my teacher heart right up!
Old school chick flicks available to stream instantly on Netflix (can you tell I’m obsessed?) such as When Harry Met Sally & Sleepless in Seattle. Haters gonna hate, but I love me some Meg Ryan.

Okay, your turn! What made you swoon this week? If you make a post, I’d love to read it! Post a link in the comments!

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  1. I loved Kids in the Hall in the 90s (not sure when it was filmed, but that’s when it hit the UK!). And I watch When Harry Met Sally every year, just as the weather’s getting properly cold – I get a craving for it; Meg Ryan is awesome and I don’t care what anyone says!

    • According to Wikipedia, it began in 1988! And, I’m glad you share my Meg Ryan love. There’s just something comforting about When Harry Met Sally. I also love You’ve Got Mail! Another one I will never fail to watch when I see it on TV. :)

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