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Things I tend to do to avoid freaking out.

I start a new job tomorrow! For those of you that weren’t already aware, I’m a recently graduated education major with an emphasis in Secondary Education English/ Language Arts. In other words, I went to school to be a high school English teacher. I finished up my teaching internship right before Christmas & have been actively seeking a position ever since. Well, good news! I just got a job as a middle school (!!) English teacher at a local charter school. I start tomorrow & I’m terrified beyond belief. I don’t know what to expect which is what scares me most of all. I can only go into it “expecting the unexpected.” That’s essentially the best advice I’ve received on the subject thus far.

As a result of these recent events, I’ve decided to compile a list of things I tend to do when I’m stressed. Perhaps, if nothing else, it will help keep my mind off of tomorrow for a few minutes & maybe be something pretty for you all to look at. So, without any further ado…

Things I tend to do to avoid freaking out:

1. Watch cute Youtube videos. Some of my favorites at the moment include…

    Kitty Maru is so determined to get in that dang box! It inspires me to keep trying! Hah.

    I love this video because the little boy is just too cute for words. I love how he starts to nod his head & get into the music before … raging. Hahaha.

    I love this video because it’s cute too but in a different way. There’s also that added supsense — are they going to make it? Watch & find out

2.  Along with that, I tend watch movies that comfort me. You know we all have them. Those movies that can always make you feel better for one reason or another. You could watch them over & over & over without ever tiring of them.  Here are a few of mine:

Dead Poets Society, 1989

Amelie, 2001

Walk the Line, 2005

3. Listen to music. Certainly many of us do this when we’re stressed. Here are some of my favorites…

Owen, One of these days

DNTEL, This is the dream of Evan and Chan

Broken Social Scene, Lover’s Spit

4. Read, read, read. Books. Poetry. Magazines. Blogs.

Currently, I’m reading Nick Hornby’s new book, Juliet, Naked. He’s one of my all-time favorites. I highly recommend him!

This is a video of one of my all-time favorite poets, Jeffrey McDaniel, reading his poem The Foxhole Manifesto. I love the animation; it’s perfect.

I’ve been reading the blog of Danielle over at Sometimes Sweet a lot lately. I think I like Danielle’s blog so much because she’s also an English teacher!
So, I like to see how someone has time to be creative & blog while still teaching full-time. I honestly wasn’t sure it was possible. She is such a source of inspiration for me at the moment.

I love Kaylah’s colorful world that she writes about on her blog, The Dainty Squid.
I like how unapologetic she is about who she is. It gives me the courage to be that way myself.

Jessica from What I Wore is beautiful & inspiring me to think about what I wear more & in a different way.

Wow. I guess I should stop there before I break your internet with all my videos & images. That was fun though & kept my mind occupied for approximately half an hour. And, now it’s your turn! Share with me what inspires you & keeps you calm when you feel like your entire world is flipped upside down.

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  1. hope the new job goes splendidly! xo.

  2. congratulations on the job!!! that’s so exciting.

    p.s. i saw this and thought of you: http://ampersandampersand.tumblr.com/

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