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To tuck or not to tuck?

That is the question.

Alright, let’s get straight to it. The high-waisted trend is running rampant in fashion. I think little petite girls with tiny waists look so charming in this trend! I was really inspired to start trying it after seeing Julie of Orchid Grey pull it off so flawlessly. I guess my question is, am I doing it right? I really can’t tell. I do have a “bit” (okay, more than a bit–let’s be honest) of a belly that makes me feel slightly self-conscious. I don’t know. I’m really on the fence with this one. I’m not a fashionista, so I tend to dress in a way that doesn’t attract much attention. You know? I guess it’s because I’m never fully confident of my fashion sense.


Not tucked.

I think it looks more polished tucked when compared to it being not tucked. But, I was just wondering what you all thought of this trend? Should I leave it to the petite girls or commit to it myself? Here are a few other examples of me trying to pull it off. So, what’s the verdict? Do you have any pictures to share for inspiration? How do you get over your fashion phobias & find the confidence to try new things? I’d love to hear all about it!

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  1. Certainly tucked, looks great :)
    If you’re worried, a belt will always help to break it up a bit and cinch the waist.
    A cardigan will also help you to feel less self conscious :)

  2. props to you for trying it out! it looks so cute tucked in! someone probably mentioned this, but a belt would be cute, too, and might add a bit more waist definition if that’s what you are worried about!

  3. it looks pretty tucked!
    i’m chubby and i wear mine tucked all the time! i love it
    i think it looks better, and is slimming and more polished.

  4. Just found your blog. Love it. I student teach high school English this fall.

    • Hi, Jamie! Thanks so much for stopping by. And, how exciting! Where do you go to school? Good luck. It’s such a scary/exciting time to start teaching for the first time!

  5. Oh no! The images didn’t show. Oops. Here’s my comment again with links to the images.

    This was my first attempt ever at tucking in my shirt since middle school. I felt pretty self-conscious wearing it!

    My 2nd attempt (which I also thought looked awkward):

    Another attempt, with a cardigan to balance out the look:

    My latest attempts involve wearing a belt, which I preferred over non-belted:

    I guess my eye is still not used to the “shirt tucked into skirt” look completely.

    In conclusion, your outfits look fabulous! And, you should try the look with a belt next. :)

  6. tucked is really nice, it creates a waistline. it’s good to wear like cinch belts as well to add detail! I have a really cool elastic one with a peacock clasp!
    it just depends on the skirt really. some of them need to be worn around the hips.. I dunno. it’s just because about 5 years ago everything was ‘hipster’ and girls were constantly pulling jeans up to avoid the plumbers crack (that’s what we call it here in Australia tehe)… it’s a relief not to have to worry about that when wearing skirts. I just think that high waisted skirts are really flattering for pretty much any girl. if curvy, it nips in the waist, if thinner then it creates more curves! win win for everyone. personally I fall into the ‘curvy’ category so the only danger is the skirt billowing over my hips and making them seem bigger than they are. to avoid that, just make sure the skirts you wear high are tight-ish – this is my trick. you have really nice legs though so you should totally just wear skirts all the time haha
    umm so yeah gosh that was a bit of a rant! you’re lucky that it’s summer in the US. I have to stay rugged up and look bulky all the time. blah.

    • Susie, thanks so much for the feedback! And, I agree. I do think the high-waisted trend can be cute on girls with curves. I guess I just need to suck it up and get some confidence! :)

      Also, that’s funny that you would mention my legs. Because, well, I *do* think my legs are my favorite part of my body! Haha. And, you know I’ll be jealous of YOU once summer’s over & you’re basking in the sun. The grass is always greener, as they say. ;)

  7. Tuck it. You’re wearing it just the right spot. Always make sure the waistband is emphasizing the smallest part of your waist, and let the rest of the fabric flow over your problem areas.

    P.S. This outfit: http://www.emilyabigail.com/?p=410 is the first I saw of your blog, and the reason I started following you. It’s super cute!

  8. Eff the petite girls – Tucked.

  9. I know what you mean – I feel funny wearing things tucked in, but I love it on other people… I do think it looks nice on you though! Maybe if you added a belt at the waistline that would help tie it together for you? EIther way – keep trying it out, it really does look cute. :) Gives a very polished girly look to the outfit!

  10. I think you do look great with it tucked in – nothing to hide! at all! mean it! But…I tend to prefer the more casual untucked version of this particular outfit. However, I think you hit it just right with the two tucked versions you linked to. So, I think it just depends on the particular shape of the outfit top & bottom, and where they hit on your body (waist, knee, neckline, etc), as well as where you’re going and how you want to look. Either way, you’re pulling it off.

  11. definitely tucked! it gives you more shape. i always wear my tops tucked in to skirts.

  12. Tucked! Don’t just leave it to the petite girls… the rest of us can pull it off too. I love this trend, and I’ve been adding a belt as well. I have somewhat hips, and I think it’s really flattering for girls like us too.

  13. Tucked! You look adorable girl :]

  14. so strange — i’ve had the same dilemma with this really comfortable and cute linen skirt that’s about the same shape as yours. i start to feel really self-conscious about my hips, and my solution was to wear something dark on top and wear a wide belt just at my waist. whether or not that actually changes anything visually, at least it makes me feel like i look better.
    for what it’s worth, i think you look fine with it tucked in.

    • Emily,

      That’s a great idea. I like the idea of wearing something dark on top. I’m going to peruse my closet & see if I have anything that’ll work! <3

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